An educated girl is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future


George Njoroge

Internet whiz kid and director of outreach.

​​​​​​​​​​​Let's Empower Together 

We work in partnership with individuals and local organizations, supporting girls in Africa of all faiths and none to rise from the depths of oblivion to become the next generation's living epitomes of success through education.

Ashley Grow

Peace Corps volunteer and entrepreneur.

  • Humanitarian needs in Sudan
  • Economic Development
  • Literacy training in Malawi
  • Parenting workshops in South Africa
  • Let girls Learn initiative
  • Annual gala to raise funds
  • Political action in Washington, D.C.
  • Study Abroad Program

It won't be easy, but together we will keep going until we cultivate an environment that empowers girls' through education thus providing a spoor that equip girls with the necessary machinery to elevate the society.  

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Acmecom, Inc., the world's leader in widget production, recently sent its entire Marketing team to our HQ for a single day, devoting their time and expertise. Find out how this 8-hour experience turned into a corporate partnership that will benefit thousands.

We are happy to report that MaggieKay Foundation is a completely official, U.S. government-certified

501(3)(c) Non-Profit.

Find your inner power by eMPOWERING others

MaggieKay Foundation

The main aim of the MaggieKay foundation is to bring change in Africa by recognizing that Education much like other basic human rights is essential to all, everyone should have the opportunity to thrive

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Ivy Wanja

Regional lead contact and representative.

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